Troje's Trash has worked with Eureka Recycling to change the face of recycling in the Twin Cities. We both believe in zero-waste and we are pushing forward to reshape the way people view waste, with recycling at the front lines. We are proud to provide the best recycling service in the state – this means recycling everything that you place curbside each week. We don't use the single sort method like some of our competitors. With the single sort method, everything is mixed together then compacted, leading to a much higher level of contamination. We use a two stream recycling system making sure each product you've placed curbside is actually recycled to its highest end use in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Items accepted for recycling:

Paper Items:

  Pizza boxes - NEW!
  Junk Mail
  Office Paper
  Phone Books
  Paper grocery bags
  Cereal, chip, cracker, cake boxes
  Pop, Beer, Tissue boxes

Textiles - clothing & linens must be in a plastic bag labeled clothing


Comingled Items: 

  Aluminum Cans
  All tin & steel cans
  Glass food jars (all colors)
  Glass beverage bottles (all colors)
  Milk jugs
  Milk and juice boxes
  Laundry detergent bottles
  Ketchup bottles
  Water & pop bottles
  Glass to Glass Recycling
  Plastic containers with the numbers 1-7

Appliance & Electronics Pick-up:
We require you to call our office at (651) 459-8223 to schedule an appliance or electronic pick up.

This is generally done on Wednesdays with a separate truck.