Troje's Trash

  Denny Troje started a family tradition when he brought to life Troje's Trash Service. Many years and lots of hours built this local family owned and operated company into a name that stands for the best trash and recycling service at the fairest price possible. We are one of the very few small independent companies left in the business.

D.J. Troje has made Troje's into a second generation green company. He is in this for the long run. Our family and employees live in our service areas so we strive very hard to keep our community and yours the cleanest, greenest, safest and most environmentally sound. We have helped our communities in their recycling efforts and were one of the first to start recycling programs in our areas of service.

 Today, we still offer the very best in recycling, which means 98.9% of your recyclable items are recycled with our two-stream system. This is a state leading number. Did you know that by choosing Troje's 68 cents of your dollar stays in the local economy? We look forward to working with you and your family. Please give our office a call and sign up today.